Why Boy Meets World Connected With Fans So Much, According To Rider Strong

Why Boy Meets World Connected With Fans So Much, According To Rider Strong

Rider Strong recently opened up regarding why Boy Meets World was able to resonate with so many fans. Here’s what he had to say.

“Boy Meets World’s” Trina McGee Reacts to Fishel’s Apology | E! News

Danielle Fishel issues an apology to McGee after Trina recalls enduring racial microaggressions on the set of “Boy Meets World.” Find out where the two stand now.

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“Boy Meets World’s” Trina McGee Reacts to Fishel’s Apology | E! News

Rider Strong Says ‘Boy Meets World’ Was ‘Irresponsible’ with How the Show Handled Talking About Sex

Rider Strong On Why Boy Meets World Remains So Beloved Today

Despite lower ratings in the ’90s, the actor says he’s “Shawn Hunter forever” thanks to the sitcom garnering a passionate fan base from reruns on Disney Channel.

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Boy Meets World Cast HATED Being On The Show..

Boy Meets World Cast HATED Being On The Show..

Welcome back to Movie Frenzy. Trina McGee is opening up about what really happened in the series finale of Boy Meets World and why her character was missing from the episode. McGee portrayed Angela Moore for the last three seasons of the ABC sitcom and during an appearance on the rewatch podcast Pod Meets World, she talked about why she was not in the last episode of the series. “I was told, in kind of a weird off-handed way by a very important person that you guys all went to [showrunner] Michael Jacobs, and you said ‘We don’t want her in the last episode. She’s somehow taking our light.’ That was the gist of it,” McGee said.

The character of Angela was Shawn Hunter’s (Rider Strong) love interest and Topanga’s (Danielle Fishel) best friend in college. “I was told that after I shot what was the show before the last episode, which was called ‘Angela’s Ashes’ when I left. When Michael announced we were going to do another show on Angela, I was so happy not realizing this was going to be the show before the last show,” McGee added. McGee said that several of her family members suggested that the reason she was given an episode focused on Angela was to keep her “distracted” and off the episode “with the real ratings.” Will Friedle denied that the cast went to Jacobs to ask to remove McGee from the finale. McGee then replied, “I believe you. I can tell by your reactions. I have had that in my head for so long, and I’ve never watched that show. I’ve always felt like, ugh… That hurt me a long time.” In related news, In recent months, Pod Meets World, a podcast focused on the show, has been doing big things. The show is hosted by Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong, and they have been giving fans the scoop on how things were on the show. It’s been fantastic listen for many, and the trio have unbelievable chemistry to this very day. “I’ve talked about how Ben and I didn’t connect the first week of the show or the pilot of the show. We just didn’t get along that well. We didn’t connect even though we were working together, “Strong said on Pod Meets World.

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