The Leftovers’ Finale Was The Exact Opposite Of Lost’s Finale, And It Was Glorious

The Leftovers’ Finale Was The Exact Opposite Of Lost’s Finale, And It Was Glorious

The Leftovers’ finale just aired, and it was the exact opposite of Lost’s finale. Which was a truly glorious thing to behold. Here’s what happened.

The Final Episode of LOST, Easily Explained 7 Years Later

Spoiler alert.

LOST Explained || The Final Recap || 10 Years Later

We have to go back!

After 10 YEARS, I have finally made… THE LOST FINAL RECAP!

Making this feature film has been on the forefront of my mind almost daily, for over a decade now. However, once I realized that the 10 year anniversary of the final episode was around the corner, I thought it was the perfect time to make it, and wanted to go all out on this for you! So I kept adding more and more elements to it, resulting in this film being FEATURE FILM length at 1 hour and 55 minutes… so make sure to watch it with a meal or popcorn, as a certain character from the show tells you at the beginning of the film 😀 Even though it is long, it is extremely quick-paced.

It’s a recap, but also a celebration of LOST, the show we all loved from so long ago! This film primarily focuses on the final episode of LOST titled “The End”. However, because of the long layoff and due to popular demand, I decide to make a recap for the entire series as well, specifically focusing on the big picture events that lead us directly to the last episode. That way, we could all get caught up! This film is LOST explained!

The final episode recap itself encompasses the majority of this film, and it brings back a lot of elements of my recaps from back in the day: funny memes, inside jokes from the old recaps, mini movies, hidden image games, crazy theories, and deep analysis. I even bring back the Subliminal Image Competition (AKA Fastest Fingers), but this time, there is an actual prize as I explain at the beginning 🙂

I had such a blast making this and it brought back so many fond memories. I hope this experience for you guys has been nostalgia overload 🙂 Memories from back when YouTube was new. I feel like it took me time to get in a groove while speaking in this film (I’m a bit rusty lol), so you will probably notice I get more relaxed as the film progresses, and I feel like the film gets better as it goes on! I try to answer the unanswered questions for you to really make it LOST Explained, but I will also be making specific Unanswered Questions videos coming soon!

I feel extremely lucky to have you all as viewers. You all are the reason this film was even created. Your constant desire to have it made, along with your passion for the show and my films, has been the driving force and inspiration behind making this happen 🙂

Thank you for your years of support and encouragement, and to the many doubters from the past who said this would never happen, like Locke said… “DON’T tell me what I can’t do!” 😉 I jest obviously, as it was warranted after a decade 😀

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this, so I hope you like it 🙂

See you on the other side!


– Lostpedia was used a LOT in this video, I could not have made this film without it as a resource, not only for a lot of information, but the time it saved in helping me locate specific episodes and clips to use. So a BIG shout-out to them:
– Chris Heckert, a user of Quora, made a post, chronologically recapping the series that I thought was great, and used during my series recap, as I also wanted to do it chronologically and concisely. Of all the series recaps I have seen written, this was my favorite:
– The LOST Experience alternate reality game:
– Juliet explains the ending of LOST video by LockedUpTedros:
– Hurley cries reading final LOST script:
– The Verge interviews LOST producer Damon Lindelof:
– “The New Man in Charge” epilogue episode of LOST:


00:00:00 Opening Videos
00:01:09 Seanie B’s Introduction
00:03:49 Subliminal Image Competition Instructions
00:05:48 More Videos Coming Soon!
00:07:26 LOST Series Recap
00:30:44 LOST Final Episode Recap
01:31:23 First and Last Shot Dramatic Reading
01:33:40 What the Final Episode Meant?
01:38:27 “The New Man in Charge” Epilogue Recap
01:42:22 Seanie B’s Thoughts on LOST
01:49:45 What LOST Was Truly About
01:51:54 Seanie B’s Final Closing Words
01:52:28 Suitcase of Memories Film

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~LOST SPOILERS~ Was the Island Purgatory? Right out of Damon Lindelof’s Mouth…

i cut this together so i can show it to people who think that the lost finale revealed the island was purgatory, a rather silly thing to think.
anyone who thinks the island being purgatory is a good ending or would look at the show and say “yeah it was definitely purgatory” is either lying or just plain wrong.
if the island was purgatory the whole show would be pointless and everything after season 1 or 2 was just a load of meaningless crap, and you know it.
the only thing that would indicate that the island was purgatory was a shot in the final credits,
where you see the plane on the shore with no losties. in this same interview, damon explicitly states ABC added that and he was completely against that being in the episode.
EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE SHOW indicates the island and everything about it *IS REAL*
including christian saying “EVERYTHING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU WAS REAL”

58 minutes of commercials from the Lost Series Finale

Plus the local Washington D.C. Channel 7 news, all originally captured on VHS.