Jim Belushi Recalls Bringing Up Brother’s Overdose In Plea To Get Chris Farley To Stop Using Drugs

Jim Belushi Recalls Bringing Up Brother’s Overdose In Plea To Get Chris Farley To Stop Using Drugs

Jim Belushi brought up his late brother’s overdose to get Chris Farley to quit drugs before his untimely death.

Tragic Details About John Belushi Explained

“Saturday Night Live” has seen some great comedians perform at its historic Studio 8H. But part of the reason why it’s such an iconic comedic institution was because of its seven original cast members. One of its most talented original members was John Belushi. During his time on the show, Belushi developed a series of characters that received immediate success. His sketch portrayals of Ludwig Van Beethoven and Henry Kissinger are still some of the most hilarious characters on “SNL.” But as quickly as his star rose it also quickly faded out because Belushi struggled with drug addiction, which eventually led to his death in 1982. Here are the tragic details of John Belushi.

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Immigrant heritage | 0:00
From college to college | 0:52
A sensitive soul | 1:39
SNL didn’t want him | 2:48
Jealous of success | 4:09
A grueling schedule | 5:03
A notorious flop | 6:09
A downward spiral | 7:01
Rampant drug use | 7:58
Movie misfires | 9:09
Losing the battle | 10:28

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This is the story of John Belushi partying on the sunset strip. Trying to get his life back on track but hanging around the wrong crowd can lead to death..John Belushi’s story is definitely an interesting one and a sad one.

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